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Mirror pendants 

Look in the mirror & create what you see

Sticklees for your mirrors - Removable & reusable! 

Current Mood pocket mirrors

Inspired by doodles

Found on random sheets of paper, napkins, in school book margins and note pads. We might do it while talking on the phone, during meetings, or in class. Some are even found in presidents' notes and said to keep us focused, keeping us from daydreaming and help us to better remember. This means that your doodles could be a result of; boredom, a state of concentration, your best work so far no matter what your art teacher says... OR maybe you have one of those super duper genius brains, like some presidents do?

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Illustrations on eco labelled paper

The concept is the same, and the idea is simple. -Reusable, re-positional & removable!  

These illustrations are produced on eco-labelled paper. Each set comes with a reusable and recyclable -dermatologically tested Tack- It to make the illustrations stick to mirrors or other smooth surfaces.

Look in the mirror and smile

Decorate your mirrors for parties or events! 

View the current selection of sticklees HERE.

mirrorsme in the media

This Girl's Illustrated Mirror Selfies Are The Best Thing On Instagram. Fact.


Mirror mirror on the wall... Who draws the most whimsical artwork of them all? That would be Helene Meldahl

Good Morning America

A selfie... or a dream?

-There's the selfie, and then there is this