"With her whimsical doodles, glass and mirrors the world over are her canvas"


The doodles by mirrorsme caught the world's attention after she shared some of her mirror creations on her social media platforms in 2013. She has since been featured in international media, and her mirrors has received headlines such as "A selfie or a Dream" on EllenTV.com and "The Most Creative Selfies We’ve Ever Seen” on Huffington post US.  



Her art has contributed to and inspired exhibitions and projects on an international scale and her art works have been included in educational media, and school projects all over the world. Teachers have applied the concept and doodles of mirrorsme in art projects for students to get to know each other, and as a means to encourage self-love by putting a focus on inner beauty through glass and mirror art. 

"By drawing or placing prints directly on to mirrors and glass, her technique enables people to interact with art in a new way"

While continuing to doodle, her mirror and glass art led to collaborations, and contributions to campaigns. In 2014 she collaborated with a Norwegian designer duo on a mini clothing range, which saw the release of her first nightwear collection inspired by her bathroom doodles. A follow up collection was then released the following year. Follow @mirrorsme on Instagram for more mirror doodles!